Food Grade PTFE Chain Lubricant Chain Lube FG

New Food Grade PTFE Chain Lubricant Chain Lube FG
Food Grade PTFE Chain Lubricant Chain Lube FG
Code: 30245
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  • Brand Ambersil (England)
  • Volume 400 ml, 5 l
  • Основа Teflon based
  • Function Lubricants
  • Film viscosity
  • Lubricity
  • Materials compatibility
  • Temp. Resistance
Ideal for all types of chains and chain driven drive systems.
The addition of PTFE to the lubricant enhances long-term chain lubrication.
  • NSF H1 registered (No.137998 & 143144);
  • Gentle foaming action helps lubricant cling to chains and penetrate deep into links;
  • Leaves a tenacious, long lasting lubricating and anticorrosion film;
  • Operational Temperature range: -15°C to +175°C.
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