AMBERSIL as a strategic maintenance partner

60 years ago, Ambersil started producing lubricants designed to meet the most demanding industry standards. Ambersil is a true solution for engineers and maintenance professionals who require exceptional quality and performance.

The Ambersil product range is your strategic chemical partner.

The oils of this brand are the leading brand of CRC Industries UK Ltd.
Ambersil is used in many areas, including: aviation and defense, electrical, metalworking, rail, automotive, plastics and rubber, as well as food and pharmaceutical industries, environmentally friendly products.

In stock means:


  • for mold separation (silicone, silicone) - effective under different operating conditions and at different temperatures;
  • cleaners for molds, electrical and electronic components, optical instruments, screens that remove contamination with grease, wax, silicones from parts and equipment (stainless steel, bearings, conveyors, brakes, couplings, pumps, circuits, generators, glass, counters cars, vans, forklifts, trailers), as well as the remnants of separation facilities;
  • unlocking contaminated fasteners that are blocked by dirt, corrosion, or obsolete dry oils, and those that are exposed to the environment. Freezing oils
  • lubrication of ejectors, grooves, pins, plastic or metal gears, chains, belts (wedge, flat, gear, rubber, leather, fabric), hinges, hinges, metal cables and other moving parts. Water repellent oils, have different temperature modes and antifriction properties, protect against oxidation and overheating;


  • markers with acrylic paint - used for marking, painting scratches, metalworking, production, electrical installations, construction, storage of steel elements. A strong resin in the marker connects the paint with the surface, avoiding problems associated with accidental abrasion, allows you to write on a wet surface, have high water-repellent properties;


  • aerosol paints - 2 in 1 - anti-corrosion primer and color coating for marking pipelines, railings, fences, tanks and more.

Among Ambersil products you will find lubricants, degreasers, disinfectants and oils for the food and pharmaceutical industries that meet the highest standards of ISO, NSF, WRAS and have SES conclusions.

The Ambersil product range is your strategic maintenance partner.

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