05 january 2021

Dear customers we are happy to present a brilliant solution for molds production - SMART WORM PIN

Product description:

  1. Mechanical vertical lifter to release small undercuts. 
  2. Mechanical stop and non-rotating shape needed at the insert.  
  3. Available in Ø6 and Ø8mm diameter to fit different inserts dimensions. 
  4. Two versions with a 30 or 60mm maximum ejection stroke in combination with a maximum 6 degrees angle to release up to 6.31mm undercut travel. 
  5. Optional height regulation ±2mm and fine-tuning with the WF accessory. 

Key features / Advantages:

  1. Custom-made insert provides all precision needed and freedom for all dimensions.
  2. Maintenance free product as there is no mechanism. 
  3. Simple machining of the insert with the undercut shape eliminating the need for movement adjustments.
  4. Saves space and time avoiding any machining for slides at the ejector plates.
  5. Complete mounting through the parting line.

You can order this and other items by CUMSA by sending us an email at: Our engineers would be happy to assist you.

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