Silicone and nonsilicone lubricants of the British brand Ambersil

One of the priority to develop Ukrainian economy is its integration into European and world markets. Based on this, there is a constant need to introduce into production a new advanced technology using the world standards.

The main mission of the KVOTA company is to help Ukrainian technological rigging producers/manufacturers to integrated into the global market through the introduction of standardized parts, that meet the requirements of ISO.  The main areas of the work are the distribution of standardized standards for moulds and stamps, the design and manufacture of moulds for casting plastic products and the supply of special Ambersil lubricants for the mould care.

Having great experience in the plastics processing market and knowing the needs of our customers, 10 years ago, the company decided to expand the range of products and help our colleagues and clients to improve the production process and optimize costs, save time and improve the operation of equipment and tools. Therefore, we have introduced Ambersil products to Ukrainian customers.

Often defects and delays in the manufacture of a particular part or in general in the production of moulds depend on the proper operation of the tools/equipment. In particular, the technology of its use, storage and conservation. Often, contamination, which arises during the production process, leads to slowing down the operation of system elements, blocking the work of individual parts of machines, breakage of fasteners or provoking corrosion. That is why international experts recommend to use special lubricants for the protection and conservation of moulds.

Such effective means are lubricants of the British company Ambersil. The peculiarity of this product is the rapid effect of the lubricants, their environmental and safety for people, as well as a weak odor that alleviates the possibility of allergic reactions.
All facilities have been internationally certified and tested by such institutions as:

  • Rail,
  • NATO,
  • Ford,
  • British Coal,
  • Rolls Royce Aerospace;
  • NLGI (National Institute of Lubricants),
  • Aerospace Department of Rolls Royce Holding;
  • AgustaWestland is a helicopter manufacturer; NSF (US Agency for Testing, Testing and Certification of Products);
  • WRAT - Watter Regulations Advisory Scemes - is the organization's standard of 26 water suppliers in the UK, whose purpose is to protect public health by preventing water supply pollution and promoting the efficient use of water.

The products are safe for use in the production of parts, which in future will be in direct contact with food or beverages; for grocery production lines where direct contact of a conveyor belt with foodstuffs takes place. Specially developed lubricants provide a disinfectant effect, kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, and do not leave traces.

The range of lubricants and preservatives is quite wide. Use in such industries as:

  • Automobile industry
  • Military and aviation
  • Energy industry
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • The metalworking industry
  • Plastics and rubber processing
  • Railway industry

Each product has its own security passport, with a detailed description of the materials compatibility, chemical properties and application features.

Silicone, non-silicone, water based, Teflon and others - depending on the scope and specifics of the application, all Ambersil lubricants are available in the form of sprays, liquids, pastes, wet wipes, etc.

More detailed information about specific products, their type, purpose, application features and security passport can be found here.
At the same time, our managers are always ready to provide all necessary information and help select the best product exactly for your needs.

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