All means of protection and preservation of molds and manufacturing equipment are usually
available in a certain form or in a certain form.

In particular, in the form of:

Greases. These are ointment-like lubricants designed to ensure the normal operation of parts, assemblies and parts of equipment, while preventing their premature deterioration and providing protection against corrosion.

Oils - liquid lubricants designed to ensure the normal operation of parts, assemblies and parts of weapons, to prevent premature deterioration and providing protection against corrosion.

Primers - designed to be applied on a cleaned surface of the metal in order to protect it and ensure a sufficiently strong adhesion of the paintwork to the surface to be painted.

Varnishes - designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and the effects of gunpowder, wood products - from decay, for sealing joints and joints between parts of devices, as well as for electrical insulation of joints.

Detergent are liquids that can dissolve film-forming substances and evaporate without residue after applying the paint layer on the coating surface, and also provide varnishes and paints with a working viscosity.

Plastic lubricants - materials whose main function is to reduce the wear of rubbing parts in order to
extend the life of machines and mechanisms. Do not allow jamming and jamming of rubbing surfaces. These oils prevent the penetration of rubbing surfaces, aggressive liquids, gases, vapors, as well as abrasive materials (dust, dirt, etc.).

Almost all lubricants have protective functions that prevent corrosion of metal surfaces. Due to the antifriction properties, oils significantly reduce the energy cost of friction, which saves the power of machines and mechanisms.

The information that is provided in this and other two parts of the article: TYPES, PURPOSE AND FUNCTIONS OF THE MEANS FOR LUBRICATION AND CANNING. PART 1, PART 2 and Part 3 provides a comprehensive understanding of what lubricants are in terms of chemical properties, what are the functions of lubricants, protection and preservation agents, in what forms these materials are commonly available on the market and what is their purpose.

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