Lubricants and means for conservation and separation from moulds

The technology of mould making is a complex and high-tech process that requires extraordinary professionalism and experience from the manufacturer.
Having more than 20 years’ experience in the development and production of moulds, we have been often approached by the customers with the question of how to improve the production process, reduce the duration of the operation of the mould-making, as well as to accelerate work of machines, tools and injection moulding machines.

For these questions KVOTA company has found perfect solution. The use of grease and preservation means of the Ambersil brand, manufactured by the English company "CRC Industries UK Ltd.", allows extending the service life and uninterrupted operation of all mould mechanisms and make the process more time- and costs efficient.

The KVOTA company offers a wide range of Ambersil products to improve operation time of all mould mechanisms. Among them:

EJECTOR PIN LUBRICANT - especially for lubricating pushers / ejectors, slots, punches, pins. This product is also a highly efficient lubricant that works under heavy loads for all mechanical parts./info/statti/sylikonovi-ta-bezsylikonovi-zmazky-brytanskoi-marky-ambersil/

MOLD CLEANER - removes impurities from oils, greases, waxes, silicones, as well as residues of separating agents. Recommended before using other protective agents; leaves clean and dry surface.

Well visible anticorrosive protection with GREEN MOLD PROTECTIVE - protects the surface of the shaping tools after use. Eliminates any moisture from the surface and protects the forming tool from corrosion during storage.

We also recommend other Ambersil products for separation from moulds, protection from dirt and corrosion, cleaning, lubrication, preservation of moulds and industrial equipment, which are widely used in plastics- and rubber processing.

Our company meets all standards of design, manufacturing, warranty service and repair of moulds and specialized equipment.

The experience gained over the years allows us to provide you with a full consultation on the products listed above, as well as on other products listed in the catalogues.

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