The use of rubber in the production and use of RBR 100 to better lag behind the molds

09 november 2020

Rubber is a product of rubber processing. Rubber is an important construction material designed for the manufacture of technical products in many industries. It is an important construction material for machine and instrument making.

Rubber has special properties: high elasticity (elastic elongation when stretched reaches 700 ... 800%), high viscosity, sufficient strength and resistance to water, acids and alkalis. In addition, it is characterized by high electrical insulating properties and impermeability to liquids and gases.

The resistance of the rubber to rupture is 15 ... 25 MPa. It is resistant to abrasion and destruction by repeated deformations, heat-resistant from -45 to + 80 ° C.

Rubber products are widely used in all industries. The main consumer of rubber is the tractor industry. Up to 80% of rubber production is used to make tires, chambers, shock absorbers for tractors, cars, combines, buses and trolleybuses. In the modern car apply to 200 details made of rubber: sealing linings, rings, couplings, membranes, drive belts, etc. Many rubbers are used for the manufacture of electrical products - insulation of cables, wires, insulating pipes; in everyday life (rubber shoes), etc.

Molding (pressing) is used to make parts of complex shape. The rubber mixture, as well as textile fabric and metal fittings (if required) are placed in a heated metal matrix. At low press pressure, the punch is lowered, centered by pins. Then the pressure is increased. Under the action of heaters and punch pressure, the rubber mixture fills the cavity. After some holding, the punch rises and the ejector ejects the product from the die.

In order for the finished product to lag well behind the surface of the mold, it is necessary to lubricate with appropriate lubricants (for example RBR 100).

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Source: Mechanisms and Technologies, Properties and applications of rubber.

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