Implementation of special lubricants in the Food and pharmaceutical industry

Among all industries, there are two that require compliance with maximum purity, high quality standards and accuracy in the production process. This is the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The products of these particular industries have direct contact with people and can affect their life and health.

Food safety is one of the main policies in many countries around the world, including all EU countries. To ensure the appropriate quality of food in the EU, there is a common agricultural policy of the European Union, common rules and standards for the protection of human health and the environment, and regulations in consumer protection. The latter is ensured, in particular, through the formation of standards for technological equipment and elements that are used for processing and storage of food products.

The sterility of products in the pharmaceutical industry depends on minimizing the risks of the appearance of bacteria and parasites that can provoke diseases and cause a threat to the lives of patients. All products of this industry should be produced in standardized conditions at all stages of the production cycle.

The production of these two industries is a very sensitive area, and requires guarantees that the pollutants in the production process will not get into the food, or in medicines or medical devices that have direct contact with consumers.

To prevent the spread of bacteria, it is important to have an opportunity easy to clean and take care of all tools, surfaces associated with the production of such products, including visible surfaces of insulating materials.

We offer Ambersil certified oils and lubricants (manufactured by the British company CRC Industries UK Ltd.). Usage of these products enables to remove various degrees of pollution, destroy harmful bacteria and increase efficiency of the production process.

Among such products:

  • for separation from molds (Silicone Silicone Release FG, Silicone Free and Non-Silicone Release FG);
  • cleaners for electrical and electronic components (Contact Cleaner FG), optical instruments, screens (Universal Screen Cleaner FG), label and adhesive residue remover (Label & Adhesive Remover FG);
  • for degreasing and disinfecting in the sector of food / beverage production Solvent Cleaner FG for removing moisture from equipment, bearings, electronics during storage, production and transportation - Moisture Remover FG;
  • unblocking and lubrication (Belt Dressing FG, Multi-Oil 32 FG, Machine OIL FG, Silicone FG, Food Grease FG, Penetrating OIL FG);
  • means for protection (Blue Mold Protective FG - used to remove any moisture from the surface and to protect the mold from corrosion during storage.)

All mentioned lubricants and other means for these two industries are completely non-toxic and safe for people's lives.

Ambersil products comply with ISO, NSF standards, have SES conclusions.

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